Photos of radio-collared Stone’s sheep on British Columbia’s Alaska Highway show up on photography and family trip blogs around the world, sometimes with fun interpretations about the “jewelry” the “deer” (?) are wearing.

Photographer Eddie Fisher’s stunning wildlife photos include a couple of my favourites.

Check out Eddie Fisher’s “Stone’s Sheep Punk Rocker”  and “The Gathering” featuring S8M Stone’s Sheep #21


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S8M Sheep 21’s Bio: Born in 1997, she has bright brown eyes and stands 92 cm tall at the shoulders. She was approaching 8 yrs old when first radio-collared in March 2005. In April 2006, her collar was replaced so that she could be monitored for a second year. She was also fitted with an orange ear tag. At the time, she was missing a front tooth and looking a little thin (adding to the “punk rocker” look). Despite her older age and ragged look, she was pregnant that winter (2005/06) and observed with a ~9 mth old lamb the following March.

Her radio-collar was removed in March 2007. The 2 radio-collars she wore collected 2,269 locations that tell us a lot about her habits in those 2 years. She had two seasonal ranges, spending the winter on the east side of the Sentinel Mountain Range.

Both years she traveled a 15 km straight line distance over 3 days in late spring (May 23-26 in 2005, and June 13-16 in 2006), crossing the Sentinel Range and the Alaska Highway to summer range southwest of Muncho Lake. She returned to the highway, possibly looking for road salts, at least twice each summer, but only for single day visits in July and August. She made the trek back to her winter range late in the year (November 2 in 2005, and December 10 in 2006), following the same route she took in the spring. Her home range was about 100 sq. km, with her summer range roughly three times the size of her winter range.

Eddie’s photos were likely taken in the spring of 2006.


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