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This is a collaborative project among a group of working scientists, started by Matt Wilkins, and highlights cutting edge research into the evolution, ecology, & behavior of diverse plants and animals. Matt’s film ‘Pygids’ won film competitions at the Evolution and Arachnology scientific conferences. It is a zany music video about an amazing order of Arachnids called Amblypygids. They split from spiders around 300 million years ago, long before dinosaurs were around. Take a look… there’s even a cool teaser intro video!

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Matt Wilkins
Postdoctoral fellow // University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Matt is studying how individuals size up potential mates and competitors using visual and acoustic signals in different bird and spider species. Yes, spiders produce "songs"(!) by vibrating the surface they're standing on. Matt likes movie quotes, even when people don't get them. "Pinfeathers and golly-fluff!" Follow Matt @mattwilkinsbio or read more about his research here.

He also produced 'Pygids', winner of the Arachnology Film Competition and the 6th Annual Evolution Film Festival. Amazing! Take a look... there's even a cool teaser intro video.
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