I am a marine conservation biologist/ecologist who is fascinated by those mobile marine critters that travel throughout the ocean.

Whether they are migratory or nomadic, we can use spatial ecology and movement ecology to understand more about mobile species, and ultimately manage our interactions with them better than we are.

What really gets me excited is the idea of dynamic ocean management – using as near to real time data as possible to provide conservation benefits and/or improve fishery management, and marine protected area networks to enhance and protect species at vulnerable places, and at vulnerable life stages.

I am currently a PhD student at Memorial University, focused on “Moving Targets: Mobile Species and Marine Protected Area (MPA) Networks in a Changing Ocean“.

When I’m not busy doing my own science, I don my science communicator/engager hat and can be found talking to people or writing about the ocean, its inhabitants, and marine science in all its splendor.

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