I am an Ecologist, Hunter, and storyteller trying to understand our world just a little better.

As an ecologist, I have had the opportunity to work on an exciting number of wildlife, fisheries and natural resource management related projects throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Saskatchewan.

Working as a consulting ecologist has given me the chance to work alongside numerous public groups, industry, and government organizations. Understanding the needs and the values that each group has is an area I continue to explore.

As I have progressed and grown as an ecologist my area of interest has followed a path geared towards collaboration. How can we create a defined value or agree upon a resource that often times has no true objective value?

Understanding this question is at the core of my work, I believe that if we can understand the motives and values of the public and private sector we can begin to develop a natural resource management framework designed around collaboration.

When not working, I am focused on writing and exploring ideas from different disciplines. By understanding human psychology and decision-making principles we may be better equipped to develop and answer conservation issues of the future.  Whatever I do, my goal is to ask questions that open new doors and provide exciting ideas worth exploring.

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