I am a Wildlife Biologist that has worked on a variety of species from elephants and other large mammals to birds and butterflies. I’ve captured deer, collared mountain lions, rocket-netted waterfowl, performed bear den checks, trapped feral hogs & more. My BS (2006) is from Maine’s Unity College in Wildlife Conservation and I attained a MS (2009) in Wildlife Science from South Dakota State University.

My experience includes wildlife diseases, fundraising & non-profit organization management. Currently, I manage the largest coordinated effort for pollinators on golf courses – Monarchs In The Rough – for Audubon International. The program is working with nearly 600 golf courses across North America to establish and protect at least 1 new acre of habitat. Check social media for updates using #MonarchsInTheRough or on monarchsintherough.org for more information.

Prior to joining Audubon International, I served as the inaugural Executive Director for the North American Butterfly Association. The activities I have undertaken to promote gardening for wildlife have led to numerous articles, radio spots, podcasts & tv appearances: https://www.pbs.org/video/attracting-butterflies-classic-gardening-practices-1905-2crhhd/

My hope is that people will recognize the taxa of interest doesn’t matter as much as the vegetative condition on the ground.

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