I obtained my B.S. from the University of Tennessee in wildlife and fisheries sciences. While obtaining my B.S. I worked on various scientific projects. I spent time in Yosemite National Park studying Yosemite toad declines and I was involved in undergraduate research studying amphibian declines related to disease.

In addition, I obtained my M.S. at Oregon State University where I studied amphibian declines related to disease presence. Since then, I worked for Olympic National Park where I studied coastal ecology, climate change, and limnology. We studied sea star health, sand invertebrate composition, ocean temperature impacts, and razor clam population status. In addition, we traveled to high elevation lakes to study climate change impacts on these high elevation ecosystems as well as amphibian population status.

In the spring, I work for Great Basin Institute and survey for desert tortoise to assess their health and population status. In the summer and fall, I work for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as a biologist. I collect data and talk to the public about marine fisheries policies, sustainable fishing, and conservation of marine species.


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Deadly Amphibian Diseases: Occurrence of Bd and Rv in Central Oregon’s landscape

Save the Frogs (and Toads)


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