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Being flexible in what you eat has many advantages, especially when faced with seasonal changes in food availability.

Pallid bats are insect eaters, but feed on nectar occasionally – very rare behaviour for a bat that doesn’t live in the tropics.

If they can eat nectar, will non-tropical bats also eat fruit?

Yes! Frugivory (fruit-eating) confirmed!

Pallid bats have dietary flexibility across seasons and can take advantage of cactus fruit when it’s available.

They visit cacti as often as nectivorous bats and could be important seed dispersers, despite being insectivores.



Totally cool #sketchnote created by Tali Hammond. You can find more of her creative genius and scientific work on Twitter





Jaclyn R. Aliperti, Douglas A. Kelt, Paul A. Heady III, and Winifred F. Frick. Using behavioral and stable isotope data to quantify rare dietary plasticity in a temperate bat. Journal of Mammalogy. January 2017.

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