Anne Yagi

My former job title was “Management Biologist” for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF), where I conducted field monitoring studies including; aerial surveys for deer wintering, fish community assessments of the Niagara River Watershed and Several Species at Risk studies.

After 32 years, I retired in September 2016 and I am currently pursuing graduate studies at Brock University under the guidance of Dr. Glenn Tattersall.

Over the last 20 years I developed an interest in herpetology, and more recently the overwintering behaviour, habitat selection and differential survival of various local at-risk reptile species.

My interests are in applying an ecosystem approach to recovery actions as opposed to single species approach. My priorities are to mentor biologists, technicians and students in this method and continue to promote stewardship, outreach and provide educational opportunities.

Read about my projects:

Measuring Subterranean Hibernation Habitat

Forced Hibernation of Neonatal Snakes to Ensure Overwinter Survival

Managing an Ecological trap in a Partially Mined Peatland with a Resident Reptile

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